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We are Lyudmila and Chris. We are the owners of Krijule Inc. We opened this store in 2017 with the sincere hope of delivering great products at great prices to our customers. Having families, raising children, struggling to save money to buy a house or to pay a mortgage make us look for better deals that allow us to buy quality products at discounted prices. We also know how busy life can get. Looking for a product at conventional stores becomes a difficult endeavor. Quite often, it’s much easier to shop online. We are working hard on eliminating these obstacles for our customers.

We also believe that we should live our lives in a way that makes a positive difference in the lives of others. There are many ways to make a difference. We choose to focus on donating money to the Operation Underground Railroad organization (ourrescue.org) that fights human trafficking. It’s hard to imagine that human slavery still exists, and innocent children are often involved. Every success story created by this organization inspires us and gives us hope that this problem can be completely eradicated.

We deeply appreciate every single customer who visits our store. Our goal is to provide as much value to you as possible. If you have suggestions, questions or ideas, PLEASE send us an email. Your opinion means a lot to us. We appreciate your input.


Please, enjoy your shopping!

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Our best wishes,

Lyudmila and Chris





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